our story

As a child, Bri's favorite time in school was that eagerly anticipated moment when they handed out the agendas. There was something magical about the act of planning, of setting intentions and goals for the days ahead. Even back then, she found joy in the process of organizing her thoughts and planning to have a productive day.

This passion for planning only intensified as she grew older. Bri became an avid collector of planners, always searching for that perfect blend of style and functionality. Yet, it seemed the planner that featured everything she needed was still not on the market.

It was this journey that led her to a revelation: why not create the planners she had always dreamed of? Bri's goal with her products is simple but powerful – to provide quality products that empower your day, fostering self-love and self-empowerment. Each page, each detail, is crafted with the intention of making every day a canvas for personal growth and positivity.

Bri's journey from that eager school kid awaiting her agenda to the CEO behind these empowering journals is a testament to the belief that everyone deserves a planner that resonates with their unique journey.

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